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numero 36

Hi NUDE fans and welcome to issue #36

The Monochrome issue is truly something special.

Being a model myself, who has had the opportunity to shoot with some truly incredible black and white photography artists, I appreciate and love the collection of these photosets in issue #36. Awaiting for you is a beautiful journey through some incredible visuals. The contributors in this issue deserve every “awe” that will come to mind as you flip through the pages. 


May everyone find this issue of Nude worthy of showing it off to likeminded folks, who find nude art to be something to celebrate. We at Nude Magazine cherish you all, as you are who make each issue possible.



The Nude Team

Brooke 5355.jpg

numero 35

Hi NUDE fans and welcome to issue #35 the very first of 2023. At first when I opened the email to access the link to review the layout I thought to myself, “I’m sure this issue will be a back to basics kind of vibe.” But boy was I wrong! These pages are filled with very exciting and not run of the mill images. 

In this issue you will never be left feeling blah, as the incredible folks who submitted their work have really brought a lot of energy to the table. 


As I flipped through our Studio issue of Nude Magazine many memories and feelings resurfaced for me and my love of this particular style of shooting. It made me get on my phone and reach out to the very first photographer who took a chance on me back in 2009. Nude studio photography will always hold a very dear and special place in my heart. As a young model entering the nude art scene many of my very fist photo shoots were shot in a studio. In the studio is where I learned how to play with shadows, identify key light, create fun shapes, and to truly allow myself to be free in posing.


To those who have never given studio photography a fair shot, and think that perhaps on location, or a heavily propped image is the only way to make an enticing creation - you are about to be floored! I cannot wait for you to uncover what these pages have in store.


As we kick off the new year, I must express my gratified to those of you who continue to help make this publication possible. I am very excited to see what the rest of 2023 has in store. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



The Nude Team

numero 34

The Wet Issue is intensely captivating. Our artists have really outdone themselves and I believe you will agree with me, once you have flipped through issue 34 in it’s entirety. Wet is definitely one of our best issues and I am so thrilled to be presenting these fabulous sets. Each one was submitted to us by very talented and creatively diverse creators. 

We are so thankful for the artists who issue after issue help us bring this beautiful magazine to life. We must also give appreciation to those of you who are loyal fans and keep us striving to bring primo art to every issue.

Thank you many times over. Without you and those of you who are new, this publication would cease to exist. May you have a great time flipping through the pages.




The Nude Team

Garden Pool.jpg

numero 33


Welcome to NUDE Magazine issue #33

Welcome Back Nude Fans,

Welcome Nude fans! We’re back with a stunning collection for issue #33. The following pages are brimming with stunning classic beauties as well as some truly sultry additions. You’ll be more than happy to feast your eyes upon all the unique sets we have carefully selected. Our Chaleur issue is easily a new favorite for me. I believe it will capture your eyes and hearts as well. 

We sincerely wish for you all to enjoy this release of Nude Magazine, and hope you’ll join us for the next! May the artists who helped this become a reality know that we at Nude Magazine are so thankful for your contributions and we are proud to showcase your work. We also send our best wishes and thanks to all the readers- your patronage is greatly appreciated. 



The NUDE team

Image by Irene Schaur Model: Domini

numero 32


We are joined here today to celebrate the release of our Wild issue. And let me tell ya, it is just that. Adventure with us through some truly beautiful and daring photosets. It is easy to say that I have added a few shots from this issue to my list of favorite images ever. Nude Magazine #32 is filled with photographs that are defined by the raw energy emitting off the gorgeous subjects captured within them. I am proud to be here- to present this incredible collection of nude art photography with all of you. 


Without all of you this magazine would not be possible and we are delighted to see you here again for yet another issue release - and should you be new around here, we hope that you find the same excitement within these pages as we do. And lastly, I send a huge thank you to all the talented contributors for their hand in helping to make this a reality, you are appreciated here.



The NUDE team

IMG_9716_1_3х4 copy.jpg

numero 31

Welcome to NUDE Magazine issue #31

We are delighted to offer you this beautiful NATURE edition of NUDE magazine. Filled with beautiful photographs and colors. Sweeping landscapes, and close-ups of flora and fauna create hidden opportunities and details  within the pictures with a stronger emphasis on the aesthetic value,  essentially candy for the eyes. For this very reason, contemplating nature within the frame of photography also invites us to consider what sort of environmental understanding of our changing world nature photography does provide.


As always, we wouldn’t be here without you all the contributors, the photographers, the models and especially our patrons. We thank you for your continuing support of the creative world that is NUDE fine art and hope that you enjoy and are inspired by the pictorials and writing in our NATURE issue. 


We look forward to the next release and seeing you all again. 


Much love


Sidonie and


numero 30

Welcome to the the 5th anniversary issue


With much excitement we are happy to share with you this very special anniversary issue of Nude magazine. 

Before you in Nude 30, is a collection completely filled to the brim with spectacular photography from artists that hail from all around the world. We feel honored to share this moment and art with all of you, our valued supporters and contributors. All of us from Nude couldn’t be happier to have made it to another anniversary with you. May you find this issue as delightful as we do, and we look forward to seeing you the next release.


Thank you for making this all possible.




The Nude Team

4 Thomas Freyer for NUDE copy.jpg

numero 29

Welcome to the Landscape issue

we are taking you on an exquisite journey through some seriously jaw dropping destinations. The pictorials presented here are so elegantly captured it is almost hard to believe that these are photos and not illustrations. The following collections exude a bold and delicate energy sure to bring a twinkle to your eye.

Landscape photography can be thought of as basic but here in Nude Magazine #29 you will find a new appreciation of the craft and perhaps even take some inspiration. The incredible artists who have come together to help us make this possible are truly talented and we are again, very proud to showcase their art with all of you.

May you flip through the pages with as much adoration as we do. And we look forward to seeing you next time. 


numero 28

Welcome to the Glam issue of Nude Magazine. When I first reviewed this issue I thought to myself- this is certainly one of the most gorgeously put together collections of glamour nude art I have come cross. Each set is oozing style and grace with the efforts brought forth by both the model and the creative eye behind the camera. This issue is home to some truly outstanding work! And I am so excited for you to flip through the pages for yourself.

Bravo to all the contributors for helping us bring yet another breath taking issue to all of our fans. And thank you, to all our supportive fans, for helping us keep the vision alive. We really hope you’ll love this issue.



DSC05843-Dec 10 2021.jpg


Whew! Are you in for a treat this issue. Nude Magazine is back, with a sizzling collection to kick off the new year.


Our 27th Issue titled Hot is exactly that. As you flip through you will be in awe of the beauties presented by artistic eyes that have captured them.

Not only is the issue lush- it is also incredibly beautiful and will be a special addition to your art collections.


All of us at Nude Magazine want to thank each and everyone of you for being part of the movement and for showing us your continued support. Should you be new around here we are very excited to have you and hope that you will be sticking around.


May you all have the best year yet and we shall see you next time.



The NUDE team

numero 26

Hello, and welcome back for yet another killer issue of Nude Magazine. In Nude #26 we take a trip through one of my personal favorite genres of nude photography, Eros. In the pages to come our featured artists have done such an elegant job of sharing intimate moments combined with some alluring fashion that is sure to leave your jaw dropped.


I do believe that once you have finished flipping though, you will be left with a feeling of fiery sensuality combined with a new appreciation of Eros styled nude art that will hopefully inspire your works to come and leave an everlasting impression on you.


From all of us at Nude Magazine we appreciate each and every one of you, from the contributors to the fans- without you we couldn’t make this possible. Thank you for helping us share the beauty of fine nude art with the world.



The NUDE team





Le Nude Magazine has a new writer.  I’m here to introduce myself to all the artists and wonderful Nude fans—Sidonie Adiam Danut. I am so excited to be part of the team, and to get to know you all. 


I will be contributing to each issue on topics that pay tribute to a women’s freedom to artistically express themselves, to celebrate all definitions of feminine beauty and empowerment. 


The # 25 issue Landscape issue takes us from Belgium to Zimbabwe and in between. We are especially pleased to have the exceptional Aleš Bravnicar returning to showcase more of his talent. 


In addition we have 8 world-class photographers and over 35 muses to indulge the eyes with. From grand landscapes to intimate details, these photos demonstrate the photographer’s own connection to nature and capture the essence of the world around them.


The NUDE team



Hello to all the NUDE magazine fans!


Welcome to our highly anticipated Noir themed issue. As all the best photographers know, the most important element of photography noir mood is light. Capturing light creates images that  expose the essence of the subject. We are especially impressed with this issues calibre of photographers who have mastered the art of capturing light. A world class list of returning and new photographers.


We hope you enjoy the light stalking and storytelling of each beautiful noir photograph. 


Noir. It’s about style, attitude, and especially mood…


Many Thanks


The NUDE team


Hello Nude fans!

We have a very fine collection of vintage-inspired art,
Which we believe will leave you with your jaws dropped. 


All of us at Nude Magazine are delighted to showcase the art of both the returning artists as well as the new ones, for without you we could not make this publication a reality. 


It was certainly hard for me to choose a favorite set this time around, & I bet you too will find it difficult. May you all thoroughly enjoy the visual feast that is before you and may this issue be a special addition to your art collections.



Thank you for being here, we truly appreciate your patronage





The Nude Team

DSC08620-Apr 23 2021.jpg


Hello Nude fans, 

We are so excited to share this very special issue with you, as it is our 4 years anniversary.

The team has chosen some really outstanding sets for the occasion. Here in issue 22 we feature some new artists that are sure to capture your attention as well as some classics that you will likely recognize.

All of us hope that you find this issue a unique addition to your art collection and receive it as a thank you for keeping up with us for 4 years. Without your support there would be no us and we are thoroughly thankful for your patronage.


Thanks so much for all you do,




The LANDSCAPE issue is out on 
March 10th. 


The latest numero of NUDE Magazine features returning a brand new contributor to NUDE. Croatian Photographer Bravnicar's work on our cover and another 6 of his muses are featured in his pictorial. 


The Landscape issue feature  13 of the very best photographers for all corners of the globe.


In issue #21  we are introducing  8 new guest photographers showcasing their stunning art.

The  very best fine-art nude photography has to offer, in every page. 

144 pages of Art Nudes and over 37 international fine-art nude models 

Experience Numero #21!
Right here Right Now!

numero 20

The ART issue is out on  January  10th. 

The latest numero of NUDE Magazine features returning artists LIGHTAFFAIRE and his 3 muses.


The Art issue feature  10 of the very best photographers for all corners of the globe.


In issue #20 we introduce 4 guest photographers showcasing their stunning art.

Another cup full of the best fine-art nude photography has to offer, in every page. 

148pages of Art Nudes and over 32 international fine-art nude models 

Experience Numero #20!
Right here Right Now!


@ninaburriofficial 2.jpg

numero 19

The White issue is out on Nov. 10th.

The latest numero of NUDE Magazine features returning artists PINO LEONE and his 2 muses.


The White issue feature  7 of the very best photographers for all corners of the globe.


As always we introduce 2 guest photographers showcasing their stunning art.

Another cup full of the best fine-art nude photography has to offer, in every page. 

107 pages of Art Nudes and over 17 international fine-art nude models 

Experience Numero #19!
Right here Right Now!



The SUMMERissue is out now!


The latest numero of NUDE Magazine features returning artists GOBOTORU and IGOR VOROBEY.


For the first time we feature not 1 but 4 outstanding female photographers for all corners of the globe.


CHARLES NEVOLS is also returning his work leads the way with his atomic cover featuring Viribus Femina.

In total 9 of the best fine-art nude photographers in this latest issue.

155 pages of Art Nudes and over 27 international fine-art nude models 

Experience Numero #18!
Right here Right Now!



The FASHION issue is out now!

JULY 10.2020

The latest numero of NUDE Magazine features returning artist Thomas Freyer and his muse Magdalena.


New to NUDE, from Zurich, Photographer ROGER MICHEL FICHMANN.


From Tuscany, Italian Photographer PAOLO LAZZAROTTI and his muse  featured on our back cover.

Seven amazing artists in total and their muses fill our latest, the "FASHION" issue.

108 pages of Art Nudes and over 19 international fine-art nude models from around the globe!

Experience Numero #17!
Right here Right Now!



YEAR 3 Anniversary issue is out now!

MAY 10.2020
GOBOTORU returns to NUDE! Featured on our cover, as well as 12 exceptional pages inside. New to NUDE is Anton Belovodchenko with his muse and our fabulous back cover for the Year 3 anniversary issue.

A dozen amazing artists and their muses fill our biggest issue to date!
168 pages of Art Nudes from around the globe!

Adventure our Numero #16!
Right here Right Now!



The RETRO issue is out now!

MARCH 10.2020
Featuring International glam model

A 16 pages pictorial with OLGA !

8 outstanding photographers presenting

their latest creations.


118 pages of Art Nudes
from around the globe.!

Experience  Numero #15 right now!


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